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Presidents News Letter March 2019
Posted on Mar 5th, 2019

Hello homeowners,
I hope this letter finds you well. I am very happy to announce that what I reported in the last letter about the dog waste has been addressed. Christina Ramsey, a fellow homeowner, put in a lot of leg work and research to address the issue. She presented her research to the Board and we’ve decided to move forward with a dog waste service. Poop 911! began cleaning up animal waste in the community on March 1. This new service does not mean that owners should not clean up after their pets. It is simply an additional measure to keep our community clean. Moving forward, any owner found not cleaning up after their pet will be fined $100. We would like to thank Christina for taking the time to help her community!
Summer is quickly approaching which means pool season is almost here! The pool will open on May 1 and will be open 9am to 9pm every day. If you need pool passes, please email me at so I can get them to you. If you need a replacement, they are $25 each.
We are beginning to plan the pool party and we will need volunteers to help with the children’s games. If you are interested in helping come up with the games and overseeing them, please contact Rosemary at
You might remember Bucky the Beaver who was taking down trees last year. Well, we have a new beaver in town – Rocky. Rocky has taken down one tree so far, and hopefully, we are able to catch him before he takes down more. Traps have been set, so please make sure your animals do not get into the pond area.
You may be aware, Goodwill is currently being built alongside our community. We are not sure who will be in the lot beside them, but as we learn more, we will keep you updated.
We are happy to announce that the landscape renovation project has been completed and all the bushes have been installed. We were able to complete the project in half the time we anticipated and are excited with the fresh look it brings our community!
Property values are still doing great and that is thanks to everyone helping keep Fieldstone in such great condition.
Thank you,
Judith A. Worthington, CPIW
Fieldstone HOA Board President
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