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Crime & Safety

Posted 06/27/2013
Brought to you by Fort Mill District Commander Jeffrey Cornwell


Good Morning,
Please pass this along to the residents of your community. Last night we had approximately 15 unlocked cars entered by thieves in Fort Mill. These crimes were split among several subdivisions.  Please do not leave valuables in your car especially if it is unlocked.  Report anyone that seems suspicious walking through the neighborhood late at night, especially if they are carrying backpacks or bags.
We are also seeing an increase in thefts from garages in Fort Mill.  Some of these involve open garages and some were closed. On a couple of the incidents the suspect also went inside the residence through an unlocked door leading into the residence from the garage.   
Garage doors are very easy for a criminal to open even when down and locked.  Please take the following steps to reduce your chance of becoming a victim.  Always keep your garage door closed so criminals cannot ride through the neighborhood and see what is inside.  Lock your vehicle to prevent easy access to the garage door opener.  Always lock the door leading from the garage to the interior of your residence.
Posted 07/30/2011
Brought to you by Fort Mill District Commander Jeffrey Cornwell
Good Afternoon,
We have experienced 3 car break-ins in the Regent Park area the past two days. They have been hitting unlocked cars. Please remove valuables from your car and lock your vehicle. We will be increasing neighborhood patrols in the area.
Please help us out and call 911 if you see anyone suspicious in your neighborhood at night.
Posted 04/08/2011
Brought to you by Fort Mill District Commander Jeffrey Cornwell
Good Morning,
I just wanted to let everyone know the person stealing Jeep Parts has been arrested and most of the property has been recovered.
The persons stealing from cars are still out there so please continue to secure valuables.
Posted 04/05/2011
Brought to you by Fort Mill District Commander Jeffrey Cornwell
Good afternoon,
I wanted to make you aware of a new trend we are seeing. Since December we have had 5 incidents of Jeep parts being taken from Jeep Wranglers. Two of the incidents involved theft of the wheels and tires, the others were accessories and doors.
We are also starting to see a few thefts from motor vehicles. Most of the items taken have been GPS units, laptops, purses, cell phones and iPods.   Most of these vehicles were unlocked but a few did have the window broken. Please be vigilant, lock and remove valuables from your vehicle.
Important Phone Numbers
Call 911 in cases of emergency
To report suspicious or other non-emergency calls 803-327-2021
York County Sheriff’s Office
Moss Justice Center Front Desk 803-628-3059
Communications 803-628-3056
CID (Detectives) 803-628-3064
Records 803-628-3059 ext. 5074
Narcotics 803-628-3069
Detention Center 803-628-3083
District One Office York 803-628-3059
District Two Office Clover 803-222-8981
District Three Office Rock Hill 803-909-7515
District Four Office Fort Mill 803-396-8426
CRIME STOPPERS 1-877-409-4321
 Here are some friendly safety reminders for all to practice on a daily basis:
  • Secure your vehicle. Always keep it locked.
  • Remove all items of value and remove items that might appear to have value. An empty backpack can entice a thief to break into your car. Remove accessories for electronics. The GPS unit mount on your dashboard may lead a thief to think that the GPS unit itself is hidden in the glove box or console.
  • Make sure to remove your vehicle's valet key and spare keys to your home or other vehicles you own.
  • Try to park in a well lighted area.
  • Do not hide your purse or valuables in a vehicle trunk when you arrive at a destination. If possible secure those items ahead of time. A thief may see you place the items in the trunk.
  • Many vehicles have alarms. If you hear a car alarm activated in your neighborhood, do not assume that it's a false alarm.
  • If your vehicle has a locking glove box, utilize the feature.
  • Do not leave spare change and cash in your car.
  • If you have a house alarmUSE IT. You paid for it and it is worth the extra steps to set it when you leave.
  • Watch out for your neighbors and they will watch out for you. We all need to be aware of our surroundings and who is in our neighborhoods. If you see someone that is acting suspicious, please report it to the Sheriffs Office immediately. 803-327-2021 or 911.
Home Security Tips
  • Close window blinds or shades when you are not at home (If a burglar can see that beautiful diamond necklace through the window, chances are they will try to get it; if they can't see it, they are not as tempted).
  • Install motion sensors on outdoor lights.
  • Lighting is very important. Leave porch and garage lights on at night.