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Communications Committee
Position Name
Darlene Hetman
Judith Worthington
Member Jill Torrence
The Communications Committee has been established to create a means of communication within Fieldstone for residents.
The committee will help disseminate information about our community among residents and play an integral role in the development of the community website and newsletter.
Residents are encouraged to volunteer and participate in this committee. Your participation will help our community become more informed and let you have a voice in our community. Increased communication will lead to an improvement in the quality of Fieldstone. Increased communication will also help residents gain access to detailed information about our community and its workings so you can be fully informed on what the HOA fees are being used to fund.
Social Committee
Postion Name
Chair Rosemary Martino
Darlene Hetman
Member Judy Worthington
Member Open
Member Open
Member Cindy Seidl
Member Pat Addington
The Social Committee is responsible for organizing social events, outings, groups, and parties. The idea behind the Social Committee is to establish and build good relationships with Fieldstone residents and neighbors.
Landscape Committee
Position Name
Cindy Seidl
Member Helen Usseglio
Member Judy Worthington
The Landscape Committee made up of residents to monitor, research, and recommend landscaping improvements, changes, or additions. They will identify needs, researches options, gets estimates, and then take their findings to the Board for approval and funding.
Pool Committee
Position Name
Chair Judy Worthington
Member Cindy Seidl
Member Gary McManus
Member Elizabeth Poplin-Revels
Member Rosemary Martino
Member Margaret Gribble
The Pool Committee will assist the Board in overseeing pool functions, upkeep and rules by monitoring pool usage, maintenance and equipment. The committee will recommend necessary changes to the pool area and/or rules as well as work with the Board and association to resolve any issues with pool security.
Crime & Safety
 Position  Name
Chair Steve Szer
Co-Chair Timothy Saunders
Member Walter Sclafani
Member Judy Worthington
Member Christina Ramsey
The Crime & Safety Committee is currently being developed and needs committee members.  The purpose of this committee is to work with the local police department and sheriffs office to support our committee and provide tips that we can all put to use in protecting our property.
ARC Committee
Position Name
Chair Rosemary Marino
Member Judy Worthington
Member Patricia Addington
The ARC Committee will be tasked with reviewing all Architectural Applications. Architectural approval is required to perform any exterior improvement to your home, this includes but is not limited to Landscaping, Storm Doors, Deck’s Awning’s etc.