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Home Owners Association
The Fieldstone Homeowners Association is a non-profit incorporated association whose sole purpose is "to promote and maintain" the quality of life in Fieldstone for the benefit of all who live here. The association, through its elected 5-member Board of Directors, is actively involved in any issues that may affect our neighborhood as a whole.
Membership in the association is mandatory and the annual dues are used to support our shared amenities and operating expenses. Our annual association meeting is held in November.  At that time the Homeowners may elect one or more members to the Board depending on terms.  Our association has staggered terms so that each year at least one seat is up for election.  The current Board is comprised of  five members.  Our Board of Directors are then responsible to make the important decisions that affect our neighborhood. Open meetings are currently held every other month with additional private meetings held on an as needed basis. The Board of Directors are volunteers and are not paid for their time and efforts.
Contact Us the Board of Directors.
Board of Directors
Position Name Term End Date
President Judith Worthington , CPIW  November, 2020
Member At Large Rosemary Martino  November, 2020
Secretary Michele Cornelius  November, 2021
Treasurer Helen Usseglio  November, 2022
Vice President Cindy Seidl  November, 2020
Judy has been calling Fieldstone home for 3 years. Once she moved in, she quickly realized her calling and decided to be on the board to help make a difference. She is currently serving as our President until November, 2011.
Judy is married with 2 children and 4 precious grandchildren. She is retired now, but back in the day, she was a Senior Commerical Underwriter for 25 years. Being President of our community is not new to her, as she served as the 20th and 25th President of Insurance Women of South Dade, volunteered for two years with the Childrens Home Society, taught college insurance courses for 10 years, and also taught speech classes for 5. She also has a few prestigious honors under her belt, which include, but not limited to, being nominated two times as Insurance Woman of the Year for Florida, received the Kay Cooper Award for Excellence in education, has worked on several fundraisers for childrens causes.
What she loves about this community is meeting people. When she is not helping others or fixing items in the community, she likes to read. Next time you see her in the community, make sure to ask her about the mens bathroom at a convention its a great story to hear!
Helen was born and raised in Boston, MA., but she is a southerner at heart. She moved up here from Columbia, SC two years ago, and loves calling Fieldstone home and the friendly people here. She has three married daughters and six grandchildren that always keep her on her toes. Helen is retired, but put her time in for 25 years in the real estate industry. Helen is currently serving as the Secretary and her term ends in November, 2010.
When Helen is not walking her adorable little dog outside, she enjoys playing bridge, bowling, and reading. Besides volunteering her time on the board, she also serves on the Social Committee and the Landscape Committee. While having a full plate with volunteering for the community, Helen also donates her time to her Church, Regency Hospice, and Meals on Wheels. Make sure to stop and say hello when you see her out and about in our neighborhood!