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Hello Homeowners,
Happy 2016 and I hope that you had a great holiday season. One of the hardest jobs for me is to put a newsletter together every month, but I won’t give up my day job.
Last year, we saw a great many homes sold, and there does not seem to be any end in sight. We are very lucky that the property values have continued to go up. According to many realtors and property companies, Fieldstone is one of the most popular communities in Fort Mill. You as homeowners should take credit for keeping our community nice. The Board cannot do its job without your help.  It takes more than a village to keep Fieldstone nice- it take a community!  The Board thanks you for your support.
The social committee will be meeting soon to start making plans for social events this year. We had several events in 2015 that were well attended and everyone had a great time.
In 2016, we will be pressuring washing, most likely late March or April. We will be doing more washing than we normally have done in the past. We will be doing fences on both sides, windows, screens, front porches and steps to your homes. Back patios will not be washed. We are looking forward to having our community cleaned, and we are going to be painting front doors as needed.  We had planned to paint last year, but the weather did not allow us the chance.  We will give more details to both the pressure washing and painting very soon.  Also, we will be replacing the entrance lights in the next few days to brighter LED lights.
Just a reminder that if you park in a tow away zone, your car can be towed without any notice given. The tow company drives through the community, and if they see you parked in a tow away zone, then they can tow your car. Parking behind parked cars is a violation as well and can be tagged and towed. Last month, homeowners were advised that we would start given notices for more than 2 cars.
We will be sending notices for Christmas decorations starting in February.
I am really looking forward to seeing all the new grass this spring as it is nice to have something to work with.
Again we hope the best for everyone for the New Year.
Judith A. Worthington CPIW
Fieldstone HOA Board President
Hello Homeowners,
Hard to believe the pool season is almost over. The pool party as well as the ice cream social was a big hit this year. Take 5 and look at the pictures on our website. We do have the movie night on September 11th at 8:00 pm . We you hope you will come and enjoy the movie with the community as it is kind of fitting to gather for the end of the summer. Hope you plan to attend as we are showing the new Annie., We will have fresh popcorn and snacks as well.
With the irrigation now up and running we are able to start with aerating and seeding. The plan is to bring top soil for places that need some extra help before we aerate and seed. The plan is to have all this happen before the end of this month. Please remember the three t’s things take time and we have a lot of areas to address.
One of the main reason that our community always look nice is the Board has a great bunch of homeowners that helps us do just that. The Board needs your help with trash cans. We would ask that you please mark your trash can so we know who’s can belongs to who. Marking your can on the side will assure that you will not receive a violations letter for not storing your can properly. We know that the trash guys don’t always put the can back where they picked it up. The Board does not very often ask the homeowners for help and hope you can lend us a hand ?
Our property manager company (Kuester) has done some restructuring of their property managers and we have a new property manager Rachel Wood. Rachel was born and raised in the Carolinas. She graduated from Winthrop University with a Bachelors of Art in Psychology and and Master in Business Administration. She has experience in several service industries  and the skills necessary to help the Board of Directors manage our community.
The best way to contact Rachel is via email: The Board is looking forward to working with Rachel and on behalf of the Board welcome her to our community.
Judith A. Worthington CPIW
Fieldstone HOA Board President
April 2011 Storm Damage Information
Number Your Garbage Cans
It has been brought to the attention of the Board that some people may be receiving unwarranted violation notices as it is difficult to determine the rightful owners since there are no markings on the garbage cans. Therefore, the Board has verified with the waste removal company that we may write our house numbers on the garbage cans. It is suggested that you use a permanent black marker and write your house number on TWO sides of your garbage can.
As stated in the Fieldstone Rules and Regulations Handbook: Section E.1
All garbage and refuse from homes shall be deposited with care in containers provided for such purposes, shall be transported by each Owner for collection to such location as is required by the garbage service, and shall be retrieved by each Owner and places inside the back patio area only and completely screened from the view of any private rights-of-way or adjoining Lots within twelve (12) hours after garbage collection. All waste should be bagged and tied before depositing in receptacles.